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The W in AWOL stands for Writing, Right?

It took a few weeks, but spring has finally hit me with the full force of its sunshine and optimism. I plum forgot to update the blog last week, and so much has been keeping me busy, it is hard to remember everything I ought to tell you. I was in Vegas a week ago,… Continue reading The W in AWOL stands for Writing, Right?

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Fall (a.k.a. Writing Season) Rolls In

Greetings, all! And a merry autumn to you! I’ve finally and really returned from Portland. Although I moved out of my summer residence two weeks ago, I came home to see family and my Dad decided that he wanted to go to Portland too. So, lo and behold, I ended up going on a family… Continue reading Fall (a.k.a. Writing Season) Rolls In

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Portland, Press Publish, and Other P-Words

I’d probably have an easier time convincing people I saw a bonafied UFO than get them to believe how much time I’ve spent on buses this weekend.¬†Portland isn’t far from Seattle. Bolt Buses are cheaper than trains, and practically the same thing, right?¬† I mostly caught up on sleep on the way down. That, and… Continue reading Portland, Press Publish, and Other P-Words