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Islands, Murders, and More in September

What a crazy end to summer! September was a wild month, especially after all the chaos and (wonderful) intensity of the 99 cent special we ran on the ebook when we announced The Piper’s Price. The book rocketed up into the top #200 of all the millions of Kindle Books on Amazon, and we got… Continue reading Islands, Murders, and More in September

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The W in AWOL stands for Writing, Right?

It took a few weeks, but spring has finally hit me with the full force of its sunshine and optimism. I plum forgot to update the blog last week, and so much has been keeping me busy, it is hard to remember everything I ought to tell you. I was in Vegas a week ago,… Continue reading The W in AWOL stands for Writing, Right?

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The House I Will Eternally Return To

The opening night of The House of Eternal Return was a triumph for artists everywhere, and possibly the best night of my life. This permanent art installation—imagined into being by the art complex Meow Wolf—is now open to the public in Santa Fe. Thanks to generous backing of George R.R. Martin, who contributed over 2.7… Continue reading The House I Will Eternally Return To

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Zen Riddles and Publishing Problems

Aloha! It feels like paradise around here right now. It’s the middle of February, but I spent most of yesterday bicyling around in shorts, visiting the library and Mexican grocery/party store. Do you know those little cookies made from sheets of thin colored wafer? In Mexico they make giant tortilla-sized wafers and they come in… Continue reading Zen Riddles and Publishing Problems

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Emotional Sprints…and Marathons

The last weekend of the first month! I’d say I got the year off to a good start. So far, I believe I’m meeting my new year’s resolution to eat less sugar and get daily exercise, even if my sleep is still wonky. (3am to 12pm is a normal-ish schedule, right?) I’ve read five books,… Continue reading Emotional Sprints…and Marathons

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The First Seven Years are the Hardest (Thoughts on Anniversaries)

I like anniversaries. I’ve got a good memory for events, and I think that my natural inclination to live in the past can be channled into a productive and enjoyable present moment. I enjoy new years, and taking time into my own hands when I know how arbitrary it is that we assign specific start… Continue reading The First Seven Years are the Hardest (Thoughts on Anniversaries)