About Audrey

Audrey Joy Greathouse is a footloose author from the west coast who has been writing science-fiction and fantasy novels ever since her 2008 NaNoWriMo victory. She published her YA science fiction novella, Dr. Derosa’s Resurrection in five serial installments with Mad Scientist Journal in 2013 and is currently working on her YA fantasy trilogy, The Neverland Wars, and writing avant-garde fiction through Hooked.

Audrey Greathouse is from Seattle. Rumor has it she currently lives in Santa Clara with her boyfriend, a magician, her 7th grade science partner, and a man who drives a green truck. She is an on-again-off-again circus freak, long-time pianist, former street statue, and Southern New Hampshire University graduate. She’s a fire-eating, dance dancing, cloud of enthusiasm with grand hopes for the future which include publishing more books and owning a crockpot.


Audrey can be reached by email at this address:



“Conscious,” Createspace, 2010 (out of print)
Dr. Derosa’s Resurrection,” Mad Scientist Journal, Summer 2013

“Warren Crawford and God,” WWU “Plays 4 Us” December 1, 2011
“Femme Fatale Classified Ad,” Mad Scientist Journal, Summer 2012
“Laboratory Classified Ad,” Mad Scientist Journal, Autumn 2012
“The Onlookers,” Yesteryear Fiction, October 2012
Mirror,” Miracle, Issue 2 , Page 7 (Also available for free here)
Last Man Waking,” Roar and Thunder,  January 2014

Hooked: Scavenger Hunt, HelpBot, Baba’s Game, B is For…, A. Poisoning, Strange Relations, Agent Aurora, Strange Saints, The Games of Gods, Wouldn’t Dream of It, and You’re Own Worst Enemy

“Murder in Seattle,” Miracle, Issue 3, Page 55
In Defense of Science Fiction and Fantasy as Literary Genres,” Fantasy Factory
Inventing Worlds, Inventing Words,” Fantasy Factory
“The Halfway House,” Miracle, Issue 4, Page 31
Subgenres of Science Fiction,” Fantasy Factory
“The Last Place You Look,” Miracle Issue 5,  Page 64
Potential Music,” Miracle Issue 6, Page 25
“Westward Wayward,” Miracle Issue 7, Page 12
Unsuited Lovers,” Miracle Issue 8, Page 14

Fingerprints,” Angie’s Diary, Summer 2012
Dream,” Haiku Journal, Issue 13
Frog,” Three Line Poetry, Issue 18
Sonnet to Apollo,” Eternal Haunted Summer, Issue 13
“Nonnet,” Inclement Spring 2013 Inclement, Spring 2013
Head Over Heels,” Lil’ Miss Gossip

(Note: Publications prior to 2015 are as “R.G. Summers”)

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    1. Thank you so much, Sonya! I hadn’t had a chance to check the website yet, but I got an email when you left your comment and it was so much nicer to hear the good news from you! Will I see you at the conference, I hope? I’ve just moved back to California this week (I’m living in Mountain View, not all the way down in San Jose this time around) and hope to see more of you and the wonderful SCBWI crew up there!

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