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NaNoWriMo: When the World Comes Crashing Down

Oh Boy. Hello? Hello, yes let’s start there. It’s been a wild month, and unfortunately not exactly in a good way… I really wish I could tell you I was keeping up with word count and had faithfully put in my 1,667 words everyday on The Neverland Wars III. I would love to just sort… Continue reading NaNoWriMo: When the World Comes Crashing Down

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Fall (a.k.a. Writing Season) Rolls In

Greetings, all! And a merry autumn to you! I’ve finally and really returned from Portland. Although I moved out of my summer residence two weeks ago, I came home to see family and my Dad decided that he wanted to go to Portland too. So, lo and behold, I ended up going on a family… Continue reading Fall (a.k.a. Writing Season) Rolls In