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Reflections on the End of The Neverland Wars

They never tell you how hard it is to look back on an event like a book, because they never mention how many different starts it has. If I’m going to start getting nostalgic, where do I even start? The late November night when seventeen-year-old Audrey started sketching out the bones of a girl named… Continue reading Reflections on the End of The Neverland Wars

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The Covers of The Neverland Wars Trilogy

As release day hovers like a fog over this month (I think the official release was yesterday, although readers started getting copies of the book like three weeks ago?) I thought I’d dust off this old blog and do a few posts about this final chapter in the Neverland Wars saga. I use the term… Continue reading The Covers of The Neverland Wars Trilogy

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Fall (a.k.a. Writing Season) Rolls In

Greetings, all! And a merry autumn to you! I’ve finally and really returned from Portland. Although I moved out of my summer residence two weeks ago, I came home to see family and my Dad decided that he wanted to go to Portland too. So, lo and behold, I ended up going on a family… Continue reading Fall (a.k.a. Writing Season) Rolls In

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Literary Agents: A Short Saga

I went to the SFWC and it was wonderful. Worth every penny. When I originally found out about it years ago, it would have been such a foolish thing to try to show up. I’m really glad that I knew myself well enough to gauge when I would be ready to head to a professional… Continue reading Literary Agents: A Short Saga