A Love Poem After the Fact

It’s funny how inclined we are to want to hate the people who have hurt us. It’s not any fun, of course, but it’s funny that we should want to feel a negative emotion we can’t will ourselves to feel. Some of us spend so long trying to be angry with people, we just end up angry people ourselves. It’s been over a year since the biggest heart break of my little life, and some days, it still feels like a battle not to let myself lapse into the easy, anger and apathetic mutterings, to hell with you, I never needed someone like you in my life anyways. Those aren’t the thoughts I want to fill myself up with.


Hate doesn’t hurt.

It poisons, it burns,

Leaves lashes unearned,

And destroys from the inside.

Hate withers away

The soul and spirit

Steals breath and screams

Until you cannot hear it.

Spitting spite, barking brutality

It is invincible against

Everything that tells me

I’m still human.


It’s so easy to hate,

So painless.

There is no challenge in it.

There would be no struggle

In hating you

If only I could will myself

From these unlocked chains

I still call love.

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