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Emotional Sprints…and Marathons

The last weekend of the first month! I’d say I got the year off to a good start. So far, I believe I’m meeting my new year’s resolution to eat less sugar and get daily exercise, even if my sleep is still wonky. (3am to 12pm is a normal-ish schedule, right?) I’ve read five books,… Continue reading Emotional Sprints…and Marathons


Motion, Commotion, and Flying Machines

Waiting at the airport is a wonderful feeling. Anything that isn’t frantically trying to navigate gates, negotiate baggage, or interpret TSA’s security screening instructions is nice when you’re at an airport. The part where you just find a seat, people-watch, and wait to be swept away in a giant flying machine is enjoyable. Flying freaks… Continue reading Motion, Commotion, and Flying Machines