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Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between

Hello loves. I’ve had a pretty crazy two months. Long story short, you can now get The Piper’s Price through Amazon and Barnes and Noble in the US, and it should be in select B&N stores. The international release is still delayed, according to the emails I’ve gotten from fans. I’m sorry the release was… Continue reading Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between

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Pre-Orders, AMA, and Giveaway!

Hello all! If you follow me on the Facebook, you probably already saw, but we’re having a massive Pre-Order Celebration Event which includes a Goodreads Giveaway (already up and running!) and a Featured Author Discussion which we will be ding Ask-Me-Anything all day on Saturday 1/23. If you would like to join the excitement and… Continue reading Pre-Orders, AMA, and Giveaway!


My Final Days: 8 Days and Counting Until the Move

I figure that the best thing I can do with this evening is to make (and start fulfilling) a summer resolution. Summer resolutions are always easier than New Year’s resolutions, because it’s just a simple fact of life that it’s easier to get things done when there’s nice weather egging you on. I should get… Continue reading My Final Days: 8 Days and Counting Until the Move