My Final Days: 8 Days and Counting Until the Move

I figure that the best thing I can do with this evening is to make (and start fulfilling) a summer resolution. Summer resolutions are always easier than New Year’s resolutions, because it’s just a simple fact of life that it’s easier to get things done when there’s nice weather egging you on. I should get in the actual habit of blogging. All the really interesting people I know keep blogs and keep interesting blogs at that, so why shouldn’t I?

I worked today, but it was an easy day for little nanny me since I only had to put in a few hours, and while the baby was still asleep. It was virtually high-paid house-sitting. I plowed through the last of the work for my online courses, marveling at the reality that I will never have to take another class again. Eight weeks from now, my thesis will be turned in and I’ll be done with school for good. I installed Skype on my computer and finally got it working for the first time ever; I have someone who wants to do a video interview with me for one of the nanny positions I’ve applied to down in Palo Alto.

Considering that last week I put in three times as many hours at work, spent an eight hour day with my friend Nick, got lunch with Alison, went to both Claire and Hannah’s 21st birthday dinners and following celebrations, took my CLEP placement test for credit, had dinner with Sean, drove to Leavenworth and back with Magi, went to dinner in Bellevue with the family, saw Little Shop of Horrors at the ACT theatre in Seattle, visited all old high school teachers, and wrote two papers for my finals…I think I deserve an easy down day. I’ve only got eight days left in town before Zaq and I pack up the van and move down to California together. I don’t want to be running myself ragged everyday. Tonight I wasted in the best way possible, just walking up to the woods to go play on the St. Edward State Park swing set and watch the sunset over the trees by the seminary. It was really beautiful, and with the right soundtrack, it was perfect. I love MP3 players, man.

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