My New-Found Love for Book Bloggers

So I’ve started religiously following book blogs.

I didn’t expect this decision to make me this happy! I always thought that I knew just what I wanted out of a book, and where I would be able to find those books. Throughout my life, my process for finding the books I want to read has really changed and evolved a lot. This past year I don’t think I’ve done as much reading as I did in previous years, and I have to admit that it’s been a little hard adapting to post-school life. Without college putting book after book in front of me, there’s a bit of a feeling like I’m lost at sea. I’m still reading, but it’s something that I have to remember to do now, because when in doubt I just curl up with poetry or go through non-fiction (I’ve been reading a lot more non-fiction, but that’s just a sign of my inner novelist talking…non-fiction books don’t count as reading! It’s not a STORY! haha.)

I think I might make a post later about my favorite book blogs, but right now I’m still getting a feel and a flavor for all the ones I’m following, and trying to decide who has the best advice on what to read. I’m so happy I still have some money left over from my Amazon birthday giftcard, so I can I buy the books I want to explore guilt-free. I should be getting books from the library…I did go to the trouble to get a library card in my new city…but I can’t help but want to OWN the books I read. It’s so much more fun. It’s like a trophy once you’ve read it and put it back up on your shelf.

I never would have realized how many people are out there, just talking about the books they read to the crazy static of the internet. I try to comment on all the blogs I read, and let people know I do value the fact that they’re going to such effort to produce content and inform other readers. With the internet and the way that everyone has a platform on it, it can be hard to find what you’re looking for or even know that it is out there. I hope my book doesn’t get lost in the white noise static of the thousands of books published everyday, and I’m realizing that book bloggers provide a vital service in the new landscape of publishing. With so many books coming out, and so many “professional” reviewers bogged down just keeping up with the big blockbuster books they’re supposed to review, a lot would fall through the cracks if there weren’t this community of vocal readers, all excited to talk about their thoughts and opinions of what’s being published and coming their way. It is a tremendous advantage for readers everywhere to have these book bloggers as a resource.

8 thoughts on “My New-Found Love for Book Bloggers

  1. Hi Audrey, yes I’m enjoying your blog (really like your layout, I must improve the look of mine) and others that I follow. It’s fab to realise all these other book nerds out there.
    I have some questions for you, if you have time to consider.

    I’m after advice, discussion on this next step after my debut YA book Collision. Sales are going quite well, and people immediately ask about when is my next book. I’ve started on a prequel, and am enjoying the process so far, as I had quite some material put aside form a longer form of my first novel. I also intend a sequel.

    So my questions are:
    1. how to frame this prequel in relation to the first novel… Ideally, it’d be best to read the first book then the prequel as I delve deeply into the past of two key characters. Do I advertise this when I eventually publish?
    2. Or should I be more free in how I put it on Amazon, as readers will read in whatever order they want?
    3. Or write the prequel as a shorter book and put it up as free, to tempt/ draw readers into the first book?
    Thanks so much for any thoughts on this

    1. Hey! Congrats on the sales! It’s always scary that first week or two when you really don’t know if it’s going to “take off” or not. To hear that you’re not only gaining readers but people are curious about the next book…that’s fantastic! And good on you for getting right on it.

      To answer your questions…I think most people accept that prequels are best read after the initial book. I don’t think you need to advertise that, and if new readers just want to dive right into the prequel, you might as well let them.

      Free content is the best way to attract people to paid content. I would bet that putting up a shorter book that gets people biting at the bit to know what happens would be great for attracting new readers, and a nice little orgin-story treat for people who already are familiar with the characters.

      That’s my two cents! I’m sure you’re getting a lot of opinions from a lot of people though, and will be able to synthesize all this advice into a good course of action 🙂

      1. Hi Audrey, Thanks so much for your wise words. I’ll think further on the paid/ free option but I’m enjoying the writing of the prequel so far. I’m glad you confirm most people accept prequels are best read after the initial book. The characters are so real to me, so familiar. It’s odd/ amazing how we create these imaginary people who then come to life. 😉

  2. When I decided to be part of this community, I didn’t know that these community is amazing. They pretty much embrace you, and I have found a few good friends during the past two years that I have been book blogging. 🙂

    1. That’s amazing to hear, but I’m not surprised! It’s neat how often I discover new book blogs because one of the bloggers I follow has them do a guest post, or visa versa. It’s a neat network of bookish, lovely people and I couldn’t be happier. Your blog looks fantastic too! I poked around but couldn’t find a subscribe button? (I follow so many at this point, if I don’t get email updates I’m liable to forget about them!)

  3. PS Audrey would you like to have an author spot on my blog? Perhaps something about how you arrived at your publishing deal, or any aspect of the writing life you’d like to ‘chat’ about? I can also link it to my facebook, Twitter and tumblr page.

    1. I’m glad I could give you some food for thought! I would certainly love to do an author spot on your blog. I’d be happy to talk about how I arrived at my publishing deal…it’s a long story full of little things I wish I’d known about at the start of the journey XD shoot me an email at ajoygreathouse at gmail dot com and we’ll talk!

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