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Hello, hello!

It is with great joy that I announce my first young adult science-fiction book has been revised, and republished in a whole new digital edition for Tapas Media!


For Lindy Derosa, being the daughter of a mad scientist isn’t much fun. When her father was arrested for stealing cryogenic freezing technology in Trongodia, she was forced to immigrate from Asia and stay in Seattle with her Uncle Bruce—or rather, stay at the boarding school he put her in. This humdrum life at boarding school is left far behind, however, when Lindy discovers her father’s secret laboratory and the scientific legacy he left behind. Lindy will uncover the ugly conspiracy behind the mysterious plane crash that killed her mother, and find out that everyone in her family might be a little crazier than she ever realized. A bright young woman, Lindy knows that when life gives you a super-villain origin story… you roll with it.


coverartSeveral years ago when I was just a literature major with a handful of poems and short stories in online publications, I found out about a local literary magazine in Seattle called Mad Scientist Journal: an “academic journal” where all the fiction was written from the perspectives of mad scientists. It was run by the wonderful Jeremy Zimmerman, and after I wrote a personal ad for a femme fatale looking for work, I pitched him an idea for a serialized story about an incarcerated cyrogenics scientist, told from the perspective of his eighteen-year-old daughter. I wrote it in Seattle, San Jose, L.A… back during my first adventure down the west coast to go see Zaq. I’d never done anything “young adult” before, but I wrote it, Jeremy loved it, and he serially published it online. The story was collected with its final instalment for the 2013 Summer Anthology, and Luke Spooner drew this beautiful cover. (I was still publishing as R.G. Summers at the time.)

When Tapas Media contacted me and asked if I might consider episodically publishing something with them, I knew I was too busy to write a new book and too interested to turn them down. I’d been sitting on Dr. Derosa’s Resurrection for years, always thinking about relaunching or self-publishing it. I went through and completely re-edited it, leaving no line untouched. I’m proud of the revised piece because I think it reflects the sense of adventure I had when I wrote it as an impassioned, footloose twenty-year-old, as well as my current level of writing. So, if you need something to chew on before The Piper’s Price releases in February, you can download the Tapas app for free on your Android or Apple phone, and buy the whole story for $3 or something, since I’m pretty sure they give you “coins” to discount your first story when you initially sign up.

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas, and are looking forward to the New Year with bright and wonder-filled eyes!

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