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Hello, hello! It is with great joy that I announce my first young adult science-fiction book has been revised, and republished in a whole new digital edition for Tapas Media! For Lindy Derosa, being the daughter of a mad scientist isn’t much fun. When her father was arrested for stealing cryogenic freezing technology in Trongodia,… Continue reading Guess What? SURPRISE BOOK RELEASE

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Quantity and Quality: Beta Readers in the 21st Century

Full disclosure, this blog post started out as a reaction to a talk the CEO of Telepathic gave. Her product, Hooked, is a mobile fiction app that I have a wonderful time writing for and is very unconventional. It delivers flash-fiction stories in the form of texting conversations. I’m really happy I’ve had the chance… Continue reading Quantity and Quality: Beta Readers in the 21st Century


Selling My First Professional Rate Story

So it finally happened, give me the little writer’s merit badge I so excitedly earned this week. I managed to sell a piece for professional payment. Not token payment, not semi-pro payment, full-on full-price story rates. I can’t tell you how delighted that makes me. I’ve been thinking a lot about how quickly my career… Continue reading Selling My First Professional Rate Story