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Hot Lips Soda After a Hot Long Day

(Written last night, typed up today)

I just marched down to Hot Lips Pizza on Killingsworth. It’s little less than a mile from my house, and it’s the farthest I’ve walked in weeks. I’ve certainly gotten used to riding a bike again. Its been a long hot day though, and after hiding in my room from the 93 degrees and direct sunlight, I figured I could stand to get out and enjoy the crescent moon in the twilight sky…even if its STILL 90 degrees and my poor Seattle skin feels like it is going to melt right off.

I got my contract signed off and sent with the rest of the forms to my publisher. I guess now I just wait for whatever comes next in the process and try to keep pace with all the rest of my work. I’ve been designing a solo promotion plan for all the things I’m going to do on social media and with my existing readership in order to help reach sell more books. I’m excited. Knowing that I have a team behind me and that there’s people who want to help me succeed…no, have a vested INTEREST in seeing me succeed…that’s an amazing feeling. I feel invincible right now. I’m sure life will come along and knock me down a notch soon (it always does) but for now I’m just going to enjoy the feeling. I designed a daily schedule for myself, and listed out weekly goals. Look at me, getting so organized. I’m figuring out what needs to get done and making a plan for how to do it. I’m getting one of those rare, glorious moments in adulthood where I actually feel like I have my act together and know what I’m doing. If there’s one thing I’ve learned abut adulthood, it is that you very rarely feel like an adult.

It is amazing how little I have on my agenda, even with all the social media work and writing for pay I have to do. I’m figuring out what my priorities are when it comes to hobbies and free time, and integrating those things into my plan for the day.

I’m so glad I moved to Portland and am in this wonderful city, catching my breath as I prepare for big life changes. A boyfriend, a book deal…I’ve got a lot of good things coming my way, and even if they are all in other states right now, I’m happy to know they’re there. Its a very neat feeling, being alone when you know you’re wanted. I’ve got time to think, time to grow. The future is so bright and beautiful, I just want to stand back and admire it for a while. I’m sure, like a pointalism painting, it will diminish and distil down to dots once I get closer and have to deal with the realities of it, but for now I’m just excited to have it on my horizon looking wonderful.

Its a beautiful evening. If I could live somewhere that was always dark and warm, I think I might. Its a shame that the darkness is paired with the cold, and all the places that have impossibly long winter nights are also freezing cold. But what if I had Iceland’s seasonal light with the warmth of Arizona? I think, conceptually, I would enjoy seasons that slowly consumed all of the light or chased away the darkness in near entirety. When life is this good, the days are too short. I wouldn’t mind a day lasting three weeks if it were a day like the ones I’ve been having.

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