I like to justify everything in my bubbling little literary career with the opinion that artists are all a little scattered brained and unreliable. I’m very reliable in all other facets of my life, but when it comes to my loyalty and dedication to myself, I’ve been known to have some responsibility-hiccups.

I think we all have though, haven’t we? Has anyone actually sent out as many query letters or written as many words as they said they were going to after those first few weeks of embarking on the epic project of writing a book or publishing one?

I think the important thing to remember is that fouling up and taking breaks is a vital part of keeping your sanity in this game. I know how I push myself when I’m “on” a project and in the zone with it…and I also know that’s its just not humanly possible to go on like that indefinitely. I’m trying to get in the habit of taking modest, manageable breaks from querying and long-form fiction projects so that I don’t end up pushing myself to some breaking point where I feel I’ll never be able to return to the pursuit again…until I inevitably do.

This week I’m finishing a thesis, but after that I think I need to get on top of my querying again so I’m in a flow before I start my new job later this month. I also want to finish the novella I’m drafting on before work starts up so that I don’t feel caught in the middle of any long-term projects as I begin adjusting to post-academic life and working 45 hours a week.

So the moral of my relationship with writing is one I’ve been attempting to apply to all facets of my life: don’t panic. Even if it has been so long since you blogged that WordPress changed its GUI and you no longer have the comfort of a familiar interface.

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