GISHWHES 2014 Story

For Lyssa Norton, a GISHWHES 140-Word flash fiction up at my site: http://www.audreygreathouse.com/writing.html

Mischa Collins was a gifted professional actor, something that was advantageous in his day-to-day life as well as his career. Even still, he could not hide the injured pain he felt when told that Castiel was being recast. On Her Magesty’s Royal orders, Collins’ character would now be portrayed by an elopus. “I don’t understand!” he exclaimed, flabbergasted and unamused. His head hit the bar, but his hand held to his brandy glass. “Think about it from the producer’s standpoint,” Eric Cripke volunteered, “if you were in charge and the network was leaning on you for even higher ratings, and then you get publicly denounced by the Queen of England for not even bothering to portray elopuses…elopusi…elopuses? What would you do?” Collins downed his brandy, knowing he simply couldn’t fight an #elopusrepresentation Twitter phenomenon started by dear old Elizabeth herself.

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