What Do I Do With Wine Corks?

The question is not rhetorical. Unfortunately, this is not a nifty life-hacking, uber-crafty, household art kind of blog, and I would actually like to know if anyone has any ideas of what I can use all my old wine corks for.

If you’re wondering why I have oodles of wine corks, you’re justified in your curiosity. I don’t drink. No one in my immediate family drinks. I go to parties where wine is drunk though, and I have squirreled away tons of these rubbery, funny plugs. They seemed too cool and novel to just throw away, so I would always pocket them and bring them home for no discernible reason. I used them to make a Butterbeer Cork Necklace once (Luna Lovegood style) but a girl only needs so many Harry Potter fandom necklaces made of discarded cork. What do I do with the rest of them? I’ve seen people make cork-boards by gluing them all together, but I don’t have quite that many, or any need for a cork-board. Any suggestions? I’ve bound to have some creative, crafty, artsy-fartsy, life-hacking heroes following my blog by now, right?

I love holding onto neat little trinkty things like this, and I in no way regret my Jones Soda Bottle Cap Collection. I’ve got about ten yards of them, strung at intervals on ordinary string. I hung this huge fortune-telling rope along my ceiling and cloths-pined various tickets and papers to it…sort of like a scrapbook on a string over my bed and around my room. It’s really cool, but I can’t think what the wine cork equivalent to that sort of project would be. They ought to have a website where you enter the object you have, and it gives you suggestions for lifehacks you can accomplish with it.

5 thoughts on “What Do I Do With Wine Corks?

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