The Awkward Redaction

So essentially everything I’ve told you on this blog has been lies.(That’s what you get for trusting a writer of fiction)

Well, maybe not lies, but certain things have happened in a certain way, leaving just about everything I’ve told you invalid. The long and the short of it is that The Young House will not be published this December and I’m not sure when it ever will be. I just got done talking to the CEO of my literary agency and we mutually agreed that it would be best for all parties if my contract was terminated. I’m happy about this in the sense that I’m glad we’re not proceeding with a project we can’t do justice to, but bummed out because I had high hopes for this little novelette.

But I have bad news and good news, and seeing as though I just told you the bad news, let’s hear about the good news.

My agency and I have decided that The Young House is not the most promising book I could be putting out right now. Instead, we are going to pour all of our efforts into producing, packaging, and promoting my full-length novel, The Crystalline Princess. Rather than spend resources on the shorter book, we are going to go straight to this larger high-fantasy work, and see what comes of it. More information will follow, but I wanted to let you all know immediately since you’ve been good enough to follow me and get your little hopes up over The Young House as well. The Crystalline Princess is a much bigger and more exciting work though, and I hope you’ll anticipate it as eager as I do.

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