It’s really quite nice (amid all the hectic crazy insanity of trying to produce my first professional ebook) to just WRITE. It’s so hard to find time for writing when every other aspect of your life has been tethered to deadlines and due dates. That’s why NaNoWriMo is such a blessing. It makes you step back away from everything else (just for a month) and give priority to your writing. Drafting fiction has always been my favorite part, and it’s easy to forget about the joy of that when you are constantly editing and revising what you’ve already got down on paper.

Every year for National Novel Writing Month I try to do a different kind of book than I’ve ever done before. This time, that means a few things. For one, I’m doing Young Adult fiction. After getting a taste of that with Dr. Derosa’s Resurrection, I decided to do a whole novel following a teenaged girl. The other aspect of this that’s brand new for me is that I’m using other people’s characters. I’m making them my own, of course, but I’m pulling characters out of time-honored fairy tales and a little bit worried about doing them justice.

It’s strange to be working in fantasy again, but I’m really enjoying it. I’m almost 13,000 words in, but I still need to pick an excerpt to upload for my NaNoWriMo Page.

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