The Young House

I ought to write this now, seeing as though tomorrow I’ll be busy with Halloween and the next thirty days I’ll be busy with NaNoWriMo (prepare for this blog to take a stark turn into the insane and literary in those dark, glorious days.)


I’m happy to announce that the book I am currently working on publishing is none other than The Young House, a horror novelette that I first drafted in the summer of 2010. It is a very short book, a quick read I wrote with the intention of giving you a book that you could read in a single sitting. Although a release date has not been decided upon, my book rep is making noises that suggest the ebook version should be available to the public by early December. Providing the digital copies sell well, there is a definite chance we’ll be able to get this darling little story into print.


The idea for this story occurred to me years ago, and has been presented as a short story a few times, titled Little Laura Mayes and River’s Ghost, but the final and complete product is definitely The Young House. At 16,000 words, it’s definitely an awkward length for a book, but everybody likes a fast-paced adventure, right? It isn’t all that gory, and as always, I think that even people who aren’t a fan of the genre will be able to appreciate this specific story.


The plot follows Laura Mayes, a property appraiser in eastern Iowa. She has no idea what she’s in for when she drives out to the country to examine an old farmhouse, even if she does know it was built by the infamous Clarence Young, a pioneer responsible for axe murdering his own daughter. Laura’s own near-death experience in the countryside might not be the only thing to haunt her when she sets foot into the Young House…


I’ll keep you posted as this develops. Happy Halloween, everyone. I’ll be spending it approving my editor’s revisions to the latest draft…I hope you’ll be up to something just as spooky (and much less tedious.)

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