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I’m a Bestselling Author: PANIC

So this week I launched my Pre-Order Giveaway Goodreads AMA Discussion which, aside from being a mouthful, also turns out to be wildly successful. Twelve hours in, I hit #43 on the Amazon Bestsellers List for Fairytale Adaptations. I’ve been celebrating on social media, but my actual feelings on the subject are much more complex.… Continue reading I’m a Bestselling Author: PANIC

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Taking the “fun” out of Sleep DysFUNction

All indicators are either my unconscious nightmare-state is either a product of daytime anxiety, or childhood trauma (because, let’s face it, Freud just makes sense sometimes) Imagine our surprise when my boyfriend came back from a frat party after an evening of alcohol, smoking, and so much caffeine he developed a bright red mask-like rash… Continue reading Taking the “fun” out of Sleep DysFUNction


The Joys of Not Knowing What the Heck You’re Doing

The thought occurs to me in this moment, I really should have outlined more in October. I had eleven months that weren’t NaNoWriMo to do so, and I completely blew it, intentionally. You would think that NaNoWriMo gets easier every year you do it, but there’s not truth to that at all. Every year it’s… Continue reading The Joys of Not Knowing What the Heck You’re Doing