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Zen Riddles and Publishing Problems

Aloha! It feels like paradise around here right now. It’s the middle of February, but I spent most of yesterday bicyling around in shorts, visiting the library and Mexican grocery/party store. Do you know those little cookies made from sheets of thin colored wafer? In Mexico they make giant tortilla-sized wafers and they come in… Continue reading Zen Riddles and Publishing Problems

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I’m a Bestselling Author: PANIC

So this week I launched my Pre-Order Giveaway Goodreads AMA Discussion which, aside from being a mouthful, also turns out to be wildly successful. Twelve hours in, I hit #43 on the Amazon Bestsellers List for Fairytale Adaptations. I’ve been celebrating on social media, but my actual feelings on the subject are much more complex.… Continue reading I’m a Bestselling Author: PANIC


The Fraud Police: Growing Up Only Gets Harder

If you’ve never seen it, Amanda Palmer’s commencement speech, “The Fraud Police,” is a wonderful talk about imposter syndrome and the feeling that whatever you’re doing, you haven’t actually done anything to deserve it. They say one of the most powerful and pleasurable feelings humanity experiences is earned success…the sensation that your effort was what… Continue reading The Fraud Police: Growing Up Only Gets Harder

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Brazilian Steaks and Feelings: Celebrating the Book Deal!

What a crazy wonderful week it has been! I’ve bought some new books I’m chomping at the bit to read, and finally got a chance to go out and celebrate my book deal with my boyfriend. He took me out to a Brazilian steak house in San Jose. I’d never been to anything like it,… Continue reading Brazilian Steaks and Feelings: Celebrating the Book Deal!


Emotions are For Writing, Not Feeling

Hello all! I never know how much to talk about my personal life on this blog. It’s really hard to find the healthy balance between writing related stuff and just life in general. I get demotivated because the actual process of writing novels and sending out query letters can get pretty dang boring, but then… Continue reading Emotions are For Writing, Not Feeling