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So Far Along and Yet So Far off Track

Greetings one and all! I’ve been AWOL online lately, first due to the mad rush of finishing edits to The Piper’s Price (the book is now with the editor!) then the mad rush of getting my seventh annual murder mystery party invitations out, and finally with the sweet slowness of camping on Patos Island, relaxing… Continue reading So Far Along and Yet So Far off Track

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Zen Riddles and Publishing Problems

Aloha! It feels like paradise around here right now. It’s the middle of February, but I spent most of yesterday bicyling around in shorts, visiting the library and Mexican grocery/party store. Do you know those little cookies made from sheets of thin colored wafer? In Mexico they make giant tortilla-sized wafers and they come in… Continue reading Zen Riddles and Publishing Problems

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The First Seven Years are the Hardest (Thoughts on Anniversaries)

I like anniversaries. I’ve got a good memory for events, and I think that my natural inclination to live in the past can be channled into a productive and enjoyable present moment. I enjoy new years, and taking time into my own hands when I know how arbitrary it is that we assign specific start… Continue reading The First Seven Years are the Hardest (Thoughts on Anniversaries)


Motion, Commotion, and Flying Machines

Waiting at the airport is a wonderful feeling. Anything that isn’t frantically trying to navigate gates, negotiate baggage, or interpret TSA’s security screening instructions is nice when you’re at an airport. The part where you just find a seat, people-watch, and wait to be swept away in a giant flying machine is enjoyable. Flying freaks… Continue reading Motion, Commotion, and Flying Machines


Writing Short Stories for Grad School

I’m beginning to suspect that I’ll end up sending off just a section of The Neverland Wars for my grad school applications, or something I’ve already written. I can’t help but feel that I ought to have something that was drafted and revised in the past three years though. Time flies, and I’m not sure… Continue reading Writing Short Stories for Grad School


Selling My First Professional Rate Story

So it finally happened, give me the little writer’s merit badge I so excitedly earned this week. I managed to sell a piece for professional payment. Not token payment, not semi-pro payment, full-on full-price story rates. I can’t tell you how delighted that makes me. I’ve been thinking a lot about how quickly my career… Continue reading Selling My First Professional Rate Story


21 and Freaking Out for the SF Writing Conference

I’m absolutely thrilled about the SFWC, but of course that goes without saying. It’s my first professional conference. When I was in high school I used to go to the International Career Development Conference to compete with other teenagers (and whoop their butts, I might add) in sales and marketing presentation DECA competitions, but this… Continue reading 21 and Freaking Out for the SF Writing Conference