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The Neverland Wars 3: The Grown-Ups’ Crusade


Gwen has returned to Neverland with Peter Pan and the lost children, but this time, the adults are following close behind.

The Anomalous Activity Department has plans to finally conquer Neverland by bringing the final battle to the vulnerable island. The children will have to rally fairies, mermaids, and allies from other magical realms to stand a chance against the shadow-casting army of grown-ups heading for them. The black-coat soldiers are far from their only problem.
Lasiandra is missing. No one has seen her since Gwen left her at the lakeside with Jay, and the mermaids searching have found only grave omens in the stars. With the island on the cusp of a war that threatens to strip the land of its magic, the last thing Peter and Gwen need is the ancient flagship that appears on their horizon, sailing pirates straight for their shores. When the battle begins amid old and new enemies, Gwen’s maturity will be a double-edged sword. She will either grow stronger or grow up… maybe both.  

The Neverland Wars 3: The Grown-Ups’ Crusade is coming March 2018

Nobody has given me an exact release date yet, but maybe that’s for the best. After the chaos of discovering that The Piper’s Price would be released a month behind schedule the week after it was supposed to release, I’ve learned to detach myself from my expectations about how book releases go. I’m very happy that despite all the problems the second book faced, the third book is still heading out into the world. My priority has always been getting this trilogy out as fast and faithfully as I can for those of you who love the story and support the series. This is the last book of the trilogy, so it is exciting to say that strange new projects await. Gwen and Peter’s story has always been very dear to me, so I’m glad I’ve had the chance to share it in full.

An email with more details will be heading out to the mailing list soon, so make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter. (It takes a long time to write a book, updates are infrequent but always important!)

2 thoughts on “The Neverland Wars 3: The Grown-Ups’ Crusade

  1. I LOVE this cover!! It just makes me even more excited for the finale!!’ I’m so sad that it’s gonna be over but I think Gwen’s character has had an amazing arc and I have loved seeing her develop 🙂 Your writing is incredible! Thank you for sharing your stories with us ❤

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