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Release Day Descends

I am so thrilled about the release of The Neverland Wars, even if it is just the ebook and our beautiful print copies are still in-process. So far, the book has peaked today at #6 on the “runaways” category, and the sales rank is shooting up once again. It is a strange process, releasing the digital copies before the physical, but this should help get word out and help build buzz for the print release. Not to mention make a lot of ereader readers very happy!

If anyone wants to help today, there are little different things you can do to buoy the book on release day, including:

*Tweet or post about it on whatever social media websites you are on.

*Sign up for the mailing list, special info will go out on that when the physical book goes live.

*To my betas and advanced readers, don’t forget to post your reviews to Goodreads/Amazon today!

*If anyone is planning on getting the physical copy for their bookshelf when it comes out in June but would like to read it before then, shoot me an email (see ‘about’ page for the address) and maybe I can get you on my list of advanced ereaders in exchange for an honest review of the book.

If I’d ever done this before and knew what I was doing now, I’d probably have all sorts of other advice for how you could help me, but for the most part, we’re just going to kick back and let this crazy thing go where it’s going to go. It’s a wild ride, and it is already off to a fantastic start.

Thank you everyone, for everything.

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