New and Improved and Confused


As you may have noticed if you checked out my last post, the blog has undergone a little bit of a makeover. It’s been a royal drag trying to make sense of WordPress Premium, but so it goes. I’m easily confused by “intuitive” systems that don’t have a logic to them, but are just “intuitive.” I’ve got “audreygreathouse.com” redirecting here now, so WordPress is finally home to my official website.

There isn’t a lot going on here (I’m just a little author, after all) but let me just point out where everything is. Right now, my blog is as it has always been, only a little bit prettier. I’ve got an About Me landing page which I’m hoping to update with an email list sign-up-button, and I’m going to put up my story The Break-In up for free as soon as I can figure out how to get downloads working…

If you check out “The Neverland Wars and Other stories,” you should get a good feel for what I’m writing and what I’ve been up to for the past couple of years. Although everything previously published went up under the pen name R.G. Summers, I do have links to all my published work in one place! While The Neverland Wars isn’t published yet, I do have a little back-cover summary up along with the fabulous proto-type cover art my dear friend Rosie La Puma did for me. It should give you a sense of what I’m working on, and hopefully peak your interest!

I’ll keep you updated as to all the little things that progress with my agent hunt and publishing projects, but for now, I’m just happy I’ve got my website up and running and working again!

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