The Neverland Wars

So I’ve been talking a lot about my novel “The Neverland Wars,” but it’s been a while since I straight up explained it, and I woke up excited about my project so lemme tell you…

The Neverland Wars is a modern-day continuation of the Peter Pan story, it holds to J.M. Barrie’s story as tightly as possible but looks about two hundred years into the future and follows sixteen-year-old Gwen Hoffman. Gwen might still be enamoured of sun-dresses, storytelling, stuffed animals, and the carefree whimsy of childhood, but there’s no denying that she’s managed to grow up into a young woman who is also very enamoured of the senior boy she sits next to in math class. Gwen is definitely growing up, albeit reluctantly.

However, her little sister, Rosemary, is definitely still a child, and when Peter Pan visits the Hoffman household one night, it’s Rosemary he takes away to Neverland. Gwen is forced to realize that she is living in a very different world than she imagined when her kid sister vanishes…and that growing up might actually be a choice for her after all.

Now aware of this conflict, Gwen is pressured to choose sides when Peter Pan and his lost children are fighting hard to grow their numbers and defend the hidden paradise of Neverland from adults. A faction of adults who are aware of Neverland’s existence and the magical resources that fuel its many fantastic landmarks and inhabitants have big plans for how that magic could be repurposed to serve the needs of the real world…after all, wouldn’t it be more practical to use magic to expand cell reception and solve the national debt? Gwen finds out that there is nothing short of a war happening between these adults and Peter’s small army of lost children, something which calls into question whether or not going to homecoming with a senior boy is really a priority to her.

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