new years

How Not to Panic The First Week of The New Year

1. Remember that the Gregorian Calendar is an arbitrary division of time

2. Make sure whatever resolutions you made are sustainable. Err on the side of shooting too low, than resolve to up your effort once you have the habit in place.

3. The darkest day of the year is over, so even if it stays cold and dark, things are already getting better.

4. Find your New Year’s Anthem (“New Year” by Death Cab for Cutie, “This Year” by the Mountain Goats, “Another Year” by Amanda Palmer…)

5. Find a buddy. You’ve just got through the most family-intensive part of the year, so find your friends and the ones you *decided* to love once you came to an age of reason.

6. Don’t schedule social events. Just…take a breather.

7. Do not make more than two lists for everything you need to get done. You have short term and long term goals. Don’t get caught up in the overwhelming minutia of how to organize it.

8. Remember that you have grown and will continue to. The only real resolution you need is to live a little better and be a little better than you were last year. If you renew that resolution every year, every year should be a small victory helping you to live a more enjoyable life.

9. Try your hand at inspirational lists as a means of procrastinating on whatever you really should be doing. It’ll feel so productive!

10. Just be happy

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