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Editors and Angels (Hint: They Are)

Today was a fantastic day. Despite the fact that my food poisoning seems to be vaguely lingering with me in the form of lost appetite and malnourishment, I managed to pull myself together and head out to a coffee date I had with the head of the Stanford Creative Writing Society’s Workshopping group, which meets biweekly. The funny thing about Stanford though is that everyone is always insanely busy and every single evening seems to have a staggering opportunity cost. Entire weeks go by, and people can only fit as much awesome events as their schedule and time constraints allow. So…it’s not actually a very functional, routinely, meeting group. But Rosie, the student in charge, is WONDERFUL!

I’d read through and annotated the first segment of a story she’d written about an autistic teenager and the suffering he unintentionally wrought on his family, particularly his younger sister. In return, she helped me with the synopsis and query letter for the novel I’m hoping to sell sometime in the coming year. We both managed to pique our interests on each other’s fiction, and I ended up reading her short story…and she read my novel.

Rosie was actually the first person to get through the whole thing. It was way better than having just a friend or family member look over it. There’s a special ability other writers have to pick out just what needs rewriting and help. I took notes when we discussed it, and have a track-changed document full of MS comments to go through in a few days once I’m back home for the holidays. My boyfriend is going to read it once finals week is over, and then I’m going to give it to that oldest and goldest editor, my dear ol’ mom.

I’m still reeling from Rosie though. It’s like a little miracle when you meet a competent writer who is willing to edit a complete piece for you. She’s a regular angel to go through the manuscript for me. Being a writer and getting a good edit is the literary equivalent of spiritual enlightenment. Suddenly, you just see everything that’s been wrong and just how to fix it. I look forward to working with Rosie more in the future!

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