thanksgiving · writing

A Writer’s Thanksgiving

I am thankful for characters who take time out of being imaginary to talk to me. I’m thankful I know more exciting words for dialogue than “said,” and that I don’t feel compelled to constantly use them. I’m thankful I’m only 6,834 words behind on NaNoWriMo and have every hope of winning.

I’m glad I have supportive friends, family, and boyfriend. He’s been the biggest change in my life this year, and I appreciate him most of all. I never dreamed I would find someone so excited about what I do and the worlds that I craft that he would be happy to make sure our financial ends were met rather than have me worry about work over writing. I’m thankful I do have work though, and can put money away for the San Francisco Writer’s Conference next February. It is good to be surrounded by people who respect and encourage my passion, even if that does mean I lock myself in rooms and coffee shops for extended periods of time doing something they can’t be a part of. That takes a lot of understanding and a certain kind of trust, and I am grateful for it.

I’m glad I’ve had a screwy-kablooy deal with a bad agent; I learned from it. I’m glad I vanity-published my first novel; a few people learned to love my characters the way I do. I’m looking forward to the future of my writing career, however modest it may be. Even if I just continued to write and write and write and occasionally sell something at semi-professional rates…well, that’s what’s happening right now, and I’ve never been happier.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my followers, I’m thankful for you guys too. I hope someday I have something in print that I can share with you that’s a little more interesting than my blog-ramblings 🙂

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