The Unofficial Pre-Announcement

So for the few of you who have been following me all along, since I started this blog to help promote The Young House, this is going to sound like déjà vu. For the rest of you, I’m happy to announce that things are looking up in my little literary career for the first time in a while. Backstory time!

Last summer I signed with a literary agency who fairly quickly got me a deal with a small digital publisher which I thought was going to be my foot-in-the-door as an author. They were going to publish and promote it, and I was going to go gangbusters on the social media front, using my marketing background to make sure everything went as perfectly as we hoped. They had some internal trouble within the agency though, and the publisher wasn’t seeing as strong of sales with its newer titles, so they were refocusing their efforts all into those titles. I was really scared for a while there because I thought I was going to be locked into the bad contract I signed, but they were good folks and when they realized they couldn’t do my work justice, they offered to cut me free.

I got off a lot easier than most of the silly young writers who leap at the first contract that comes their way.

Even still, it was a major disappointment, and I decided to break off my publishing efforts for a while and focus on content creation. I wasn’t going to try to put it out there, I was just going write and remind myself why I loved writing. Only then that turned into not writing at all, but losing weight, getting into shape, meditative work, and just generally taking care of myself. This took longer than I thought it would, but here I am, sending out query letters and ready to take the next big leap.

I haven’t officially announced it anywhere, and I promised myself I wouldn’t commit-commit to it until after my little much-needed three day vacation to Big Sur next week, but I’m confident that I will be moving forward with this project. Taking everything I learned in three years of DECA marketing competitions and all that I picked up working with Writers Bloq and the Collective Presse last year, I’m going to be independently publishing The Young House!

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