Pre-Mortem Poem

You might have seen last week that I lost my old friend, Sarah to a hit and run driving accident. I haven’t been blogging much lately for the same reason that I haven’t been doing much school, writing, or anything else. It’s hard to recover from something like that, and unfortunately, Sarah wasn’t the only one I lost last week. Just a few short days after she passed, another young friend, Caleb, was struck while bicycling and launched into a coma for the next three days. It was surreally overwhelming, depressingly too much…I wasn’t nearly as close to Caleb, but he had been the five-year boyfriend of a friend, and to see him taken from her when they were both only nineteen…he officially passed away the night before Sarah’s memorial, and his vigil is happening tonight, but back when we still were hoping he might pull through, I wrote this to Sarah. I miss everyone so much now.


I could cry a thousand tears
But that won’t give back your lost years
So I will miss you quietly
And know that you’d be proud of me

Everything you’ll never do
I will do it all times two
And send it up to heaven
In remembrance of you.

If you think I’m staying strong
As I fight to move along
It’s only because I find
All the strength you left behind

Tell Uncle Paul I said hi
Don’t let Caleb say goodbye
For all you’ve done do one thing more
When you go, close the door

Pardon me if I don’t say a prayer
It isn’t that I don’t care
But wherever you’re going,
You’re already there
And breath is such pressure air
When Caleb needs every breath I’m breathing
Just to keep him from leaving.

They say you’re somewhere better now
And maybe the Lord thought to endow
You will an angel’s gifts
And that power would allow
A little influence
To save one of us.

If you see him send him back
Before he gives us another heart attack
I know that right now he’s en route
But wherever you are, keep Caleb out.

I wish you could have stayed
But that hope’s already been betrayed
So I’ll pray for every soul we can get
Because we’re not done missing you yet.


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