Mondays Need More Love Poems

Ergo, I present my Sonnet 104:

Following your heart is too glamorized

As if it is mysterious and wild

To speak a name your mouth has memorized

To wander with the whimsy of a child

To the doorstep you have always dreamed of.

All it can do is take you to the same

Smile, the same laugh, the only real love

That you have ever been able to name

Turn off the lights, let night fall all over

As the north star shines, so shall your heart beat

Laying the path towards love, not a lover,

And making your feet impossibly light.

A love between souls, a love between smiles,

Is all it takes to trek hundreds of miles.


This poem I wrote last spring when I decided that I needed to get away from a relationship that was making me woefully unhappy. I backed a bag and headed south for California. I was gone two months with just that little red backpack of mine, and I made countless new friends on the way down to see Intelligentia. At the time, I didn’t think anything of it. He was one of my dearest friends and it only made sense to go where I knew I would find real, genuine love and be able to return the affection full force.

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