Books, Books, Books!


When it started, it was innocent bibliophilia. My condition has worsened though, and I am well aware that I am gleefully suffering from bibliomania. I found this Japanese word, tsundoku, which pretty much describes my condition right now.

It’s not that I don’t ever read these books, it’s just that I buy them faster than I can read them. People come over and look at my shelves and have one of two responses: “Wow, I hope someday I have a room like this,” or “I am never, ever helping you move.”

Really, I don’t have a bedroom. I’ve got a library with a bed in it. Some of the shelves I double-line books so that I can fit twice as many books on a single level by lining up my Shakespeare and modernist American literature in front of the fantasy series I already have filling up the shelf.

The worst part is how impossible it is to keep them stacked up. Every time I turn around I’m running out of shelf space and thinking about how I need to run down to the thrift store and by another goofy particle board bookcase just so I don’t have to keep tomes stacked on the floor. At any given moment, my “to-read” pile is however many books I can fit on the tiny nightstand beside my bed. I’ve been reading a bunch of popular fiction for my discussion group (1000 Splendid Suns, the Hunger Games trilogy, No Country for Old Men…) and it’s fantastic, but I really miss my classics. There’s a reason I majored in English Literature, I absolutely love our language’s cannon.

Admittedly, I do have a few books I will never, ever get around to reading. I hate to own up to it, but those gorgeous gold-plated pages of Dr. Zhivago and The Last Days of Pompeii are there for pure show. I appreciate a beautifully crafted book, one that is bound to remind us that words and pages and stories are, indeed, a thing of great value.

I’ve just started The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo for my discussion group though, and I really ought to get back to that…

2 thoughts on “Books, Books, Books!

  1. I have the same problem; I buy books more than I read (although I do read a lot). I also love modern American literature, and I write about it often on my own literary blog. Fun post! Good luck with your reading adventures.

    1. My eyes are bigger than my stomach when it comes to books…I keep thinking that I’m going to catch up someday…take a month off and just read…oh the fantasy of it! Thanks for pointing me to your blog, looks like interesting stuff 🙂

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