Neil Gaiman’s Personal Library.

Neil Gaiman's Personal Library.


I want. I want with a burning, passionate, delirious desire. Right now, I’ve only got about 20 feet of books…so maybe I could possibly fill up half of one of his rows. Plus I haven’t even read all of mine. Neil Gaiman is so well-read it’s baffling. I read the First Book of the Faerie Queen this year, and it blew my mind to finally realize all the allusions to it in Stardust. Gaiman read a medieval middle-English text and then drew on it to write an insanely popular novel-turned-movie. This is why this man is my greatest literary inspiration. Gaiman and Shakespeare. The Brits know what they’re doing.

3 thoughts on “Neil Gaiman’s Personal Library.

    1. Growing up, we always had plywood and cinder blocks for shelves, so I feel really ritzy with a couple of mismatched thrift-shop bookcases…but oh man, there are STILL books piled on my floor! I could take or leave the chair…I want a hammock!

      1. Hammocks rock. Nowhere at my place to hang one, sadly.

        I too only have cheap, make-do shelves. And they house less than 1/3 of all my books. Need not to be renting so I can convert 98% of contiguous wall space into bookshelves. Remaining 2% is for kitchenwares 🙂

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