Poker, an Old Poem

I wrote this a while back, but I was rereading it today and thought I would share. I also tried to adapt it into an abstract stage play. That did not go well. So let’s just stick to the poem:


I start thinking too hard,
Worried I’ll play the wrong card,
I never could keep a straight face
When I was holding an ace.

I’m one card from a royal flush,
And you can tell from my blush
I’m going to loose it all again,
When I decide to go all in.

The stakes are too high
But the cards never lie,
I’m ready to call your bluff;
Enough is enough.

I’d put all my cards on the table
If only I was able,
I would stop the game and call right now,
If I only knew how.

You can just keep raising the stakes,
Because I’ll give it all that it takes.
Be my guest and raise the bet;
I haven’t lost this game yet.

A ten, a knave, a king, and an ace,
All as red as my tell-tale face,
But the card I need isn’t in the deck,
And it’s making me a wreck.

You’re holding my queen of hearts,
And I’m not gonna get it back before the breaking starts.
And all my queen of hearts loves, all she adores,
All she wants is for me to draw yours.

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