The Crystalline Princess: A Fairy Tale for Grownups

I’ve been putting off announcing this for a while because I wanted to wait until we had a release date, and now I think we do. It’s still pending approval from the CEO, but my agent and I are both lobbying for and making a dang good case for why The Crystalline Princess should be released under the full moon of February…i.e. Valentines Day 2014

Unlike most of my other work, this book is actually very sweet and lighthearted. It is a high fantasy novel geared at the “New Adult” range, which essentially means it reads like a young adult book, but is about 20somethings and aimed at a post-high-school audience.

I’m very excited about this project. “high fantasy” is the best applicable genre because it follows the adventures of the knight, Sir Arian, as he quests across the kingdom to help unravel a curse, fight monsters, and sail to a mysterious cave where he will find the treasure his princess sent him searching for. Really though, this is a fairytale. I’m not going to lie; it starts with “once upon a time,” and ends with “happily ever after.”

It doesn’t deal much with risqué content or dark troubling themes, but this is a book that is written for new adults through the language and length. Most fairytales are fleeting stories, spoken and forgotten or summed up quickly. We tell children fairytales, but we rarely stop and tell them to ourselves. I wanted to take all of what make bedtime stories so wonderful, and pack them into a legitimate book, epic plot, and colorful storyline that adults could enjoy.

I hope you’ll stick around as we get closer and closer to the ebook publication date, and maybe even let yourself be convinced that you could use a good fairytale for a change too.

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