The Vagabond Blogger

I have done so many of these “first blogs” it’s not even funny.

Back when I was angsty and little, I had a Windows “Live Journal” or something. I can’t even remember. Nothing interesting ever happened to me though, and even when it did, I didn’t feel like writing about it. Blogging has never appealed to me. I do enough writing as is, and the idea of writing non-fiction doesn’t add any glamor to the proposition. I know what a ham I am, and giving me this narcissistic outlet doesn’t seem like a good idea. I’m pretty sure I’m boring. There’s a reason I dream up other people to write about.

I knew I was supposed to have a blog, particularly if I’m trying to become a writer, and so I figured I’d go with the site I heard the most about. I had friends on Tumblr and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Turns out, Tumblr’s not really the place for blogs, particularly if you aren’t an avid Dr. Who fan…which is a shame, because I loved how much energy and community there was on that site.

I took a class – an actual class – on how to use the internet to position yourself as a writer, and my professor made me get a Blogspot. Or a Blogger. I can’t even remember. I threw some stuff up on it, but then retreated back into a state of ignoring my tumblr account. It’s hard to write when nobody reads.

Long story short, I’m here now. I’m signed with a literary agency and my book rep is telling me I need to have a WordPress, so I guess I have to have one and keep it updated. Maybe I’ll finally find interesting things to blog about. (If you’re skeptical, you’re not the only one.)

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