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Pre-Orders, AMA, and Giveaway!

Hello all! If you follow me on the Facebook, you probably already saw, but we’re having a massive Pre-Order Celebration Event which includes a Goodreads Giveaway (already up and running!) and a Featured Author Discussion which we will be ding Ask-Me-Anything all day on Saturday 1/23. If you would like to join the excitement and… Continue reading Pre-Orders, AMA, and Giveaway!


The Screaming White Noise: Politics on the Internet

Every year I get a little bit more apolitical, disenchanted with the way the media presents issues and the bipartisan bickering that everything seems to boil down to. Still, news stories flash up and I find myself working up into a tiny tizzy over issues that don’t affect me, issues that I could only contribute… Continue reading The Screaming White Noise: Politics on the Internet