Audrey Greathouse

Audrey Greathouse is a young adult author and storyteller to lost children of all ages. Her science-fiction and fantasy stories have been published in literary magazines around the world, to the delight of readers everywhere. Download her brand new fantasy, The Break-In, now!

About Audrey:

A Seattle native, YA author Audrey Greathouse can usually be found somewhere along the west coast in search of her own post-adolescent Neverland. She is a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University and now works as an English tutor and freelance writer. Her many hobbies range from playing piano to fire-eating, but her real passion is crafting fantasy and science-fiction stories.


      • Yes, we sure are digital citizens. And it does make our writing pursuit so much less solitary. I travelled to California and Seattle in 2012, an would have loved to get to Portland, but major snowstorms that January.
        I’ve self published, as you may have gathered, and have enjoyed the writing process, but am juggling the promotion, social media etc.It can be tricky.
        Still it’s great to meeting people like you, I love YA genre.
        I have a big book launch this Sunday, lots of friends, family and acquaintances coming, so wish me luck.

    • Yes thanks Audrey. It’s getting quite big, over sixty people now. That’s mainly our friends and local acquaintances. We’ve lived in our area a long time so it’s very kind how interested people are and showing their support. While the audience is not YA many have children or grandchildren etc that they talk to/ pass the book onto.

      Having said that, I’m working hard on building YA audience, including cold calling and visiting local school librarians. Two have bought the book so far, plus I have a gig in two weeks to give a talk at recess in the school library to keen teen readers. I’m also offering writing workshops and talks, as being a teacher I feel confident to chat to groups of kids. I have to make a power point presentation now for the talk in a fortnight.

      Anyway, the juggling of tasks is improving. A young friend helped me to start a data base of contacts, plus I bought an app called Things for my iphone which is a helpful organiser for each day and planning ahead.

      Look forward to chatting again,

      • Very neat! Never forget how many adults read YA, either. That’s a marketing categorization, not a law determining who can enjoy art. A good story resonates with a wide range of people, and I’m sure a lot of your personal network that’s interested will enjoy it regardless of whether or not they’re the “target” audience.

        Cold-calling librarians sounds like a lot of work, but I’m sure it’ll pay off! I’ll need to remember to do that when I get closer to launch date…I should put that on my list (that’s my go-to app for staying organized!)


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